Carletto is a spider, descendant of a family of spiders that live in the Palace since many centuries. He knows the facts, the objects and the people of the site. He has a webcam with which he tells his stories on the screens of little mobile devices that visitors carry around. A wireless network allows Carletto to know the position of the visitors inside the Palace; in this way he directs his narration toward topics related to the environments that the visitor is exploring at some point. But besides the objects, Carletto refers to people and facts related to the Palace, from his privileged and discrete point of view. All the information is annotated on a web that Carletto consults every time he needs to check some historical detail. Carletto tells the facts with passion, navigates through the Savoy historical facts helping himself with genealogical trees, graphical schemata, images, but also introduces pauses to let the visitor enjoy the visit. And if he meets an expert visitor, he allows her/him to go in depth in specific topics and issues.

The installation was open to the public for the Culture Week of the Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage in April 2006 (about 400 visitors).
DramaTour - Figura 1

Figure 1. Carletto informs on Palazzo Chiablese. Carletto is leaving the screen.
Carletto seeks information in his web (where detailed info is stored).

This experience, that joins University research, technological partnership and local cultural policies, has been possibile also thanks to the contribution of Gi.Effe s.a.s and So.Fi.Ha. Collaudi (who provided the wireless network in the Palace and the portable devices respectively). It has been part of a long term programme, approved by the General Directorate for the Technological Innovation and the Promotion of the Ministry for the Cultural Patrimony and Activities, for the application of the new technologies to the communication of cultural heritage.
DramaTour - Figura 2

Figure 2. Visitors with portable devices in Palazzo Chiablese. The series of palmtop is recharging.